Lifting My Gaze

Morning light spills through the window, but my thoughts swirl in a fog of discouragement and uncertainty. The daily press of life finds my soul weary. I make my way to the kitchen and ponder how I have been setting my gaze too long on all that surrounds me, instead of holding fast my gaze [...]

My Weakness, His Power: Hope in Adoption

Orphanage walls surround us and a sweet Haitian Nanny looks on protectively while I rock a small boy. Tears spill down my cheeks, landing on his fuzzy little head. It will be nine months too long before we bring this "baby boy" and his big brother home to the U.S. The Lord himself goes before [...]

Kitchen or Adoption?

Worn and outdated, save for a newer paint job and updated hardware, my 50-year-old kitchen cabinets and countertops have seen better days. ~~~ About six years ago, my husband and I looked around this outdated kitchen and asked ourselves what we should choose. Should we follow the prompting from God to adopt children from Haiti [...]