Homeschool High School

Uniquely created by God, our children have different needs when it comes to education—what works well for one may not be the best fit for all. With this in mind, my husband and I try to seek the Lord's direction for the high school education of each of our children. He is the one who [...]

Dollhouses and Devotions

"Only God can create—we make out of what He has created." These often repeated words of my Grandma are clearly etched into my memory. A woman of high intellect and special artisan skill, my Grandma loved to make out of what the Creator has created. I remember stepping into her workshop and taking in the [...]

Phonics for Spelling, Writing, & Reading

Spell to Write and Read and Logic of English are two excellent curriculums that use logical and systematic phonics to give students a solid foundation in spelling, writing, and reading.   Spell to Write and Read We have used Spell to Write and Read in our home for five years and I am so pleased with the [...]