“Good Job, Mama”

It was a Sunday morning. She was visiting our church— a beautiful older black woman. I had never seen her before. Evidently she had come with a friend who is a regular attendee at our church. She was standing in the foyer talking to my husband, who had our youngest son in his arms. My husband … More “Good Job, Mama”

Brotherhood Trio

A voice cuts across the loud splashing of swim lessons and I turn to see my six-year-old Haitian son, Kelson. His smile beams toward me as he excitedly calls out that his brother, Daniel, also age six, has just passed the swim test. Daniel will now leave Kelson behind as he moves up to the … More Brotherhood Trio

Forgiven Mama

It seemed that failure was an ever-present theme in my life as we transitioned our Haitian boys into our family. Stress levels were at an all-time high while our new ones learned to live in the love of family and while we learned to fully love and welcome them. In the midst of this struggle I … More Forgiven Mama

Simple Pleasures

Jammie-clad boys stand in the morning sun, watching a butterfly’s delicate flight. The simple pleasures of life in the U.S. captivate the newest members of our family. Ordinary occurrences of tummy-filling meals and warm hugs from mom and dad go deep with our little men who were once starved for plentiful food and family. As we … More Simple Pleasures

Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly

Festina Lente: Make haste slowly . . . lasting progress comes through a steady pace over a long period of time. As my husband and I have added two little boys from Haiti to our growing homeschool family, I have come to more fully appreciate the Latin proverb that reminds one to “make haste slowly.” A young tree requires the steady seasons year after … More Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly