Homeschool High School

Uniquely created by God, our children have different needs when it comes to education—what works well for one may not be the best fit for all.

With this in mind, my husband and I try to seek the Lord’s direction for the high school education of each of our children. He is the one who uniquely made them, fashioning their abilities and interests. So whether it is homeschool, public school, or private school, we want to follow his lead.

So far, we have seen God’s leading and provision for two of our daughters to continue homeschooling through high school.

On the recent celebration of our oldest daughter’s graduation from high school, I was reflecting on the journey with joy and amazement. Throughout this endeavor, which felt quite daunting at the beginning, God has answered my prayers for help and has led me in every detail.

He has given . . .

Courage in place of fear,

Ability in place of inadequacy,

Peace in place of anxiety.

If God is leading you to homeschool high school, I believe he will equip, encourage, and empower you as you follow him.

Upon sharing the resources that follow, my hope is to lend help and inspire courage.

Favorite Resources for Homeschooling High School

∼ Online

Homeschool High School Help (by Lee Binz) –   

Lee Binz offers practical help, encouragement, and training. I especially love her free training webinars (found under the “Freebies” tab on her site).

Comprehensive Record Solution (by Lee Binz) –

After formatting the transcript and records for my oldest daughter on my own (very time-consuming), I decided to go the easier route with my second oldest daughter. The extensive Comprehensive Record Solution from Lee Binz includes training, examples, and preformatted templates for high school records. It’s quite amazing! I wish I would have invested in this right from the start and saved a whole lot of time and energy!

Kahn Academy                  

We have used this free online academy for a variety of things including extra math help, SAT test prep, and anatomy and physiology lectures. Kahn Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education.


The Homeschool Legal Defense Association has many great resources for homeschooling high school. I ordered a high school diploma for my oldest daughter from HSLDA and I am very pleased with the quality:



Institute for Excellence in Writing Online Classes –                

The Institute for Excellence in Writing sells my all-time favorite writing curriculum. In addition to teacher resources and student curriculum, they offer online writing courses. My daughter took the Student Writing Intensive Course, Level C, which was a combination of weekly online lectures, DVD instruction, grammar, writing coursework, and communication and help throughout each week from the teacher. My daughter loved it!


Schoolhouse Teachers Online Courses –

For $15 -$20 per month the entire family can access 380 online Christian homeschool courses. I will likely be using this site in the future!

∼ Podcast

The Homeschool High School Podcast –

A group of veteran homeschool moms offer practical tips and help in this entertaining podcast. I have learned so much by listening to it!

∼ Curriculum

(This is not a complete list of all we have used— just the favorites.) 

My Father’s World 

My Father’s World provides well-rounded courses with quality literature and easy-to-follow lesson plan checklists for the student. My daughter completed the World History and Literature Course. Pictured below is most of the literature that was included in the course:


Beautiful Feet Books –

Beautiful Feet Books provides wonderful literature and history packages. My daughter used the study guide for the Modern and World History Package along with many of the books suggested for the course.

Institute for Excellence in Writing –

The Institute for Excellence in Writing sells my favorite curriculum for teaching writing. We have used the student writing intensives and the theme-based writing lessons and I am always pleased with the process and the outcome!

Also, I am continually referring to the Seminar Practicum Workbook, and Student Resource Notebook as we weave this writing method and accompanying checklists throughout most of the high school courses.



Masterbooks offers excellent choices for high school curriculum. My 9th grade daughter will be using the Elementary Algebra package that is listed at


Notgrass History –

Notgrass History provides comprehensive and easy-to-follow lessons. My daughter used the Government course and the Economics with accompanying literature course.



Apologia – 

Apologia provides excellent high school science curriculum with a Christian worldview. The apologia site sells the accompanying student worktexts, lab kits, and test packs, as well as optional video lectures and audio books. My daughter used Apologia’s Biology and Chemistry textbooks in a tutor/co-op setting.


Devotional Biology –

My younger daughter, who is starting 9th grade in the fall, will be using this video-based curriculum. The video lectures, textbook, lab manual, and lab kit are available at It looks like an excellent curriculum!


Generations History and Literature

My younger daughter will also be using Generation’s 9th grade History course and Literature course. I’m looking forward to reading aloud portions of the Christian Classics with her during our afternoon reading time. I have not yet read and studied these Christian classics, so I will enjoy learning right along with her.




Rainbow Resources –

Prices for curriculum are usually the lowest at this online store and help with learning about curriculum is easily found in the live chat boxes during business hours.

Exodus Books –

Exodus Books has an online site with excellent and honest reviews for homeschool curriculum. They sell new and used curriculum at their local and online store.

∼ Books

Keeping the Records Straight by Lee Binz – I have used this book over and over again. It is packed full of practical information for keeping records and homeschooling high school.


The Homescholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships by Lee Binz – This book is also full of great information. All of Lee’s books are written in a fun and engaging style.


∼ Co-ops and Private Classes

Co-ops, private tutors and private classes have been especially helpful for the courses that are harder to complete in a homeschool setting.

We have accessed classes such as biology, chemistry, math tutoring, and electives at a local academic community (similar to a co-op, but with paid tutors). Mondays were in-class lectures or labs and students worked on assignments throughout the rest of the week.

Additionally, my oldest daughter took a private math class and a private Spanish class, which also met weekly for instruction.

Many elective credits will be attained at a local art school for my younger daughter. This school meets weekly as well.

All this to say, homeschooling high school does not need to take place only in the home as there are a variety of ways to acquire the needed credits.

~ ~ ~

 It is my hope that these resources have provided you with help or inspiration for the journey ahead.

May you be blessed in your endeavor.

~ ~ ~

Commit your way to the Lord,

Trust also in Him, and He will do it.

~ Psalms 37:5 ~

2 thoughts on “Homeschool High School

  1. This is such a resourceful post, Joelle! And my, the resources that are available for homeschooling even into high school look like such a rich blessing for your children–to be able to study with a Christian worldview, what a gift you have been able to give them.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughtful comment, Che’! It was fun to share these resources and to hopefully encourage someone along the way.


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