Homeschool Joy

Homeschooling is not always a walk in the park . . .

But is it worth the effort?


While it’s not always easy, I have found homeschooling to be well worth the effort!

I have also discovered the joyful moments along the way to be of great reward as well as the inspiration to continue on.

Homeschool Joy in Our Days

~ The joy of unhurried mornings when all gather for time in the Word, younger children coloring quietly as they listen.


~ The joy of watching windows of understanding opened as math facts are learned and keys to reading are unlocked.



~ The joy of sibling relationships strengthened through shared books, playtime and mealtime.




~ The joy of bright smiles and happy chatter when young minds are refreshed outdoors.



~ The joy of picture books selected by young listeners who gather to hear stories rich in word and illustration. Understanding of life and language dawns as pages are turned and stories are read.


~ The joy of laughter as it echoes from older sisters who share in a lunch break or a walk on a sunny day. Friendship runs deep over the years.

The joy of an afternoon novel shared with older students. Love, loss, universal emotions, and shared experience are revealed through talented authors.

~ The joy of weekly trips to the library bring delight to children as they return piles of books and go in search of new ones.





~ The joy of time to answer deep questions of life and faith when they arise throughout the days.

~ The joy of His peace as the Lord Jesus settles my doubts and fears along the homeschooling journey. He gives me direction, ability, and homeschool joy over and over again.


Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

~ Proverbs 16:3

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