Finding Great Books for My Children

I love to see my younger children playing out stories from the books we have read together . . .

The other day the adventures of Roxaboxen, came alive in our backyard as paper flags were constructed and tied to long bamboo poles. Old buckets and various rocks were then used to build forts around each flag. For several days our backyard was the land of “Roxaboxen.”


The Library

I have found that when we make regular trips to the library and keep our book basket freshly stocked, I am more motivated to read to my children. And when our book basket is filled with books of literary beauty—rich language, engaging illustrations, and wholesome content—our book times are delightfully fun for the kids and for me as well!

Favorite Book Lists

When choosing books for my children, I like to use book lists that I can trust for wholesome content. This saves me a good deal of time and energy in the search for books.



Read-Aloud Revival Podcast

Sarah Makenzie’s Read-Aloud Revival podcast gives great recommendations of books to suit all ages of children—from young ones all the way up to teenagers. Under each podcast is a picture listing of the books discussed within the podcast episode:

Read-Aloud Revival also offers an excellent book list that is divided into categories according to reading level or listening audience:

One of my favorite podcasts from Read Aloud Revival has to do with the benefits of teaching history through literature:

A Heart for Reading Podcast Episode

Lastly, I leave you with a link to a podcast episode that I greatly enjoyed! Sally Clarkson is joined by her daughter Sarah as they discuss the deep roots and moral imagination and character that develops through books.




Ancient Rome

Renaissance Reformation Exploration (1400-1600)

Age of Revolution II (1800-1865)

Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece

Middle Ages (500-1400)

Age of Revolution 1 (1600-1800)

Age of Revolution III (1865-2000)

American Hist I (Exploration - 1800)


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