“Good Job, Mama”

It was a Sunday morning. She was visiting our church— a beautiful older black woman. I had never seen her before. Evidently she had come with a friend who is a regular attendee at our church. She was standing in the foyer talking to my husband, who had our youngest son in his arms. My husband told me later that this woman and been waiting for me because she especially wanted to meet me. Our family was in the first months of having our new boys home. It was a heavy time. My heart was weary and burdened. As I walked up to this woman who radiated compassion and understanding, she stretched out her arms to me. She drew me into a tight hug and whispered to me with firm conviction:

“Good job, mama.”

I cannot describe the great extent at which those words touched my heart. I carried them close for many months to come, drawing them back to mind in the harder times, on the harder days. The remembrance of those words, “Good job, Mama,” would often bring stinging tears. I was in awe of the love and tender care of Jesus to have sent this women of encouragement my way. It was as if He had sent me a hug and a special message through her . . .  “Good job, mama. I see you . . . you are worthy of the work I have called you to do.”

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